How a Toilet Works

toilet componentsIt is helpful to understand the operation of your toilet and of the parts that make up this device. Upon pushing the toilet handle, a chain is pulled which releases the flush valve. As the valve is opened, nearly 2 gallons of water flow rapidly through a small drain hole; descending into the bowl. Once the tank has emptied, the flush valve will again resume its position at the bottom of the tank.

The rapid flow of the large amount of water activates the siphon in the bowl, which in turn sucks the water and waste matter down the drain. The filler float falls along with the decreasing water level. The refill valve is turned on when the float drops. Water rushes through the refill valve and replenishes the tank and the bowl. The float rises as the tank fills. When the float reaches the correct level, it shuts off the refill valve. The overflow tube, which is located inside the tank, prevents flooding in case the refill valve does not shut off.

When these devices work together correctly, your toilet will give you no trouble. Using top of the line professional plumbing tools, our Plano plumbers are equipped to handle residential as well as commercial plumbing complications. They will repair, replace and install whatever plumbing fixture you might need and do it quickly, professionally and for a fair and sensible cost.