Plano Plumbing Toilet FAQs

Q: Do low-flow toilets really work?

A: Early on, low-flow toilets got a bad rap - as their flushing ability left a lot to be desired. But today's ultra low-flush and high-efficiency toilets provide many models that work very well. Plano Plumbing Pro can help when you're ready to replace your existing toilet with a low-flow or high-efficiency model.

Q: My Plano toilets seem to clog on a regular basis. What can cause this?

A: When toilets reach a certain age, it is often best to simply replace the entire toilet itself rather than bother with smaller, detailed repairs. If your toilets are reaching 25–30 years of age, the flush pathways inside them are growing narrower and narrower with a build-up of calcium and lime, increasing the probabilities of clogs. There is no repair for this. In such cases, or if you simply want to update the look of your bathrooms with newer and higher quality equipment, it's time to replace your toilets. With literally thousands of different models and styles out there, there is guaranteed to be something out there for everyone.

Q: My toilet is loose on the floor and rocks back and forth when sitting on it. What causes this?

A: The cause is probably a broke toilet flange. The flange is the flat collar, either plastic or metal, that connects the toilet to the drain pipe. Over time, cracks and even breaks can occur in the flange. A common area where these breaks take place is around the slots where the closet bolts are installed. Getting to the flange itself is likely to be your biggest challenge with this repair, as you will need to move the toilet. If you are not an experienced “handy-man” we would strongly recommend this repair be done by a professional Plano plumber. Call us today at (972) 332-3918.

plano plumbers toilet installationQ: Do you install bidets?

A: Yes. Bidets are slowly making their way into American living. During your next upgrade, you may even be considering installing a bidet. Our Plano plumbers are happy to work with you on masterfully installing your bidet.

Q: I’m installing new toilets in my home. Which is better, round or elongated?

A: This really comes down to a matter of preference and space. The round toilet is normally used in areas with limited space. The elongated toilet is more comfortable and has a modern appearance. Functionally a good quality toilet of either style will serve you well for years.