2nd Floor Leak Repair

The challenge with any water leak is to locate and repair that leak with the least amount of damage to your home. A second floor leak is especially daunting because it not only damages your bathroom but also the living area below that bathroom.

The first step in locating the problem is to isolate the source of water. For example, is the leak coming from a drain or water supply? Is it the toilet, sink, shower or tub? Start with a plan by not using any fixture in the bathroom. If the leak disappears, the problem is with a drain. If the leak continues, it is a supply line. Next, you should operate the fixtures one at a time while observing the leak area. Remember to be patient because it may take some time for the leak to reappear. You may want to wait a day between testing each item.

Supply line leaks more difficult to isolate. However, they are often easier to diagnose because of the volume of water that leaks. In most cases, you will have a stream of water entering the area below the bathroom.

Finally, having located the problem, it is often best to select a professional Plano plumber to complete the repairs. A plumber is trained to repair leaks quickly and effectively.